New Moon New You

Okay Okay I know the title is super cliche, but its also so true! With each new moon you are blessed with the opportunity to start things anew.

Many people know that a new moon is the start of each lunar cycle ( a lunar cycle is when the moon flows through its’ various phases). It is a time when the moon is between the sun and the earth with its illuminated side facing away from us leaving the sky dark and seemingly moonless.

New Moons are special and like the full moon they harbor strong energy that can benefit us in our daily lives. They represent new beginnings and a time of release. So let go of those old goals and set some new intentions. Recommit yourself to the vision of you living your best life.

I’m not super big on rituals but I do have a few things I like to do with each new moon. 

I write a letter/contract to myself that includes my intentions and goals (no more than 10 goals), make sure those goals are focused on me and not others, I sit and visualize my goals manifesting, I release fears, and lastly I pray for clear guidance.

From there I feel restored and ready to build towards the things I wish to see in my life!

The next new moon is right around the corner so start thinking about the new heights you wish to reach and make it happen!!


Feel free to share your thoughts and/or rituals; we’d love to hear from you!!

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